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VIP Table Booking Terms

Your request for a booking will be reviewed by our VIP Reservations team and is NOT confirmed until we contact you via phone or email. By submitting the booking form, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions including our cancellation policy. Ideally it needs to be submitted no later than the Wednesday prior to the date of the reservation.
Our team will assess and accept bookings based on availability. A 50% deposit (non – refundable) will be required to secure your VIP booking and you will be notified by email if confirmed or not. We will endeavour to provide you with a status update of your booking request within 1 – 2 business days.
If the weather forecast for the weekend are not favourable, we will relocate all TOP DECK bookings to the middle deck with reduced seating. As a VIP Guest you will have priority seating however, it is often condensed to ensure we can accommodate all bookin gs.
Should you choose not to attend and advise us in advance we will credit your deposit and reschedule the booking to a later date.

Unless we have to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances, all bookings are non-refundable.

Glass Island usually departs from King Street Wharf 6 or Wharf 9 in Darling Harbour; however, this is not always the case. Please check the event details to confirm prior to arrival.
Be sure that all guests arrive at least 15mins before the advised boarding time (please check event details for exact boarding and cruise times).
Glass Island cruises are over 18’s events. Please ensure all guests have valid photo ID to produce on request
All guests shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner and within the full rules set out by Glass Island management and in accordance with NSW licensing laws.
Glass Island practices responsible service of alcohol and has the right to refuse entry to any group or guest.
All guests shall recognise the authority of the captain in all matters, regarding safety, navigation, docking and cruising speed of Glass Island. The captain or management reserves the right to terminate the event at any time if they believe the safety of the vessel or any passengers are at risk.
Any person/s threatening staff or acting in a manner that may be deemed as offensive or aggressive will be asked to leave/will be escorted away by security and if required, police will also be notified if necessary.
Please check the weather conditions prior to the cruise and dress appropriately. Security reserve the right to refuse entry to any group or guest.
  • Smart, casual dress is appropriate, and heels are acceptable although we generally advise against them for your own safety as we are a moving vessel.
  • No loose singlets, flipflops, obvious designer brands or paraphernalia (e.g. sashes, dress ups or decorations of any type).
  • Bookings of over 8 guests (per group) need to include equal male & female attendees to ensure a balanced ratio. Strictly no bucks groups; we allow hens parties with a maximum of 20 guests.
  • Any guest may be required to undergo a bag check search when they enter and / or during the event. A person who refuses to undergo such a search, and / or bag check may be prohibited from entering from the event without being entitled to a refund of the admission fee, or such a visitor may be immediately removed from the event.
  • No gang associated behaviour, jewellery, accessories or clothing that displays or infers by form of word, colours, logo, symbol or otherwise.
  • We aim to provide all guests with a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere to enjoy onboard.
  • We encourage those who choose to drink alcohol to do so responsibly.
  • Unfortunately, some people tend to over-indulge and can become unruly / disruptive in some scenarios. This type of behaviour is unacceptable as it may hinder the enjoyment and safety of other guests, resulting in serious consequences. As a licensed venue, we have a responsibility to help minimize this risk to individuals, our staff and to the community.
  • We support the Responsible Service of Alcohol and have policies in that all staff must follow.
  • We have a range of food options readily available that encourage guests to eat when drinking.
  • We serve drinks in standardised quantities that can be recognised by guests. Half measures of spirits are available on request.
  • We ensure that free drinking water is readily available at all times at each of our bars and drinking it is encouraged by staff.
  • Our staff are trained in responsible service requirements and know how to refuse service to guests that shows signs of approaching intoxication
  • We encourage guests to monitor and control their own consumption of alcohol.
    Low alcohol and soft drinks are available from each of our bars.
  • We discourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • We deny entry or service to anyone who is intoxicated.
  • All necessary RSA signage is visible to both guests and bar staff
Glass Island office hours are Monday – Friday 9am-5:00pm. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. Should you need to contact our team outside of office hours, email or socials are the best form of contact.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

We look forward to welcoming you onboard Glass Island.