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Beyond the Boardroom: Transforming Corporate Events with Luxe Cruising Group

Beyond the Boardroom: Boat Hire for Corporate Events

Finding the right venue is crucial when you’re hosting a corporate function. Going beyond the boardroom and taking your team to a new location can provide fresh creative ideas and focus for your employees – one far away from an office’s rigid walls. At Luxe Cruising Group, we offer boat hire for corporate events to make your event one-of-a-kind. Read more about why corporate boat hire in Sydney is the best way to conduct your next team event below. 

Team building is more fun with a corporate yacht charter 

The many benefits of holding team-building activities are increased productivity, better relationships, higher employee morale, and an overall positive working environment. So why not do all that on a privately booked corporate yacht charter? Holding your company’s team-building activities on one of our yachts can help liven the mood and make your event more fun for your employees, helping them bond and connect. This also helps maintain employee retention by fostering a fun and open environment, incentivising them to stay with the business long-term. 

Corporate boat parties are unique and offer the best amenities and hospitality  

Whether you’re celebrating your company’s anniversary, an important business milestone, or a gathering to start the holidays, we can help make your corporate boat party happen! Our yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your event is jam-packed with fun, and our best-in-class hospitality services mean everything flows with ease. Your employees and guests will love the food and drink prepared by our finest chefs and served by our most hospitable staff. 

Transform product launches into meaningful and memorable events 

Do you have any upcoming new products or projects you wish to announce? Make it more exciting and launch in style with a corporate boat hire in Sydney! We have a wide selection of boats to host any special event with ease, ensuring your new business venture starts with a bang! Make your guests feel welcome with good food, music, and company as you prepare them for your upcoming launches and projects with a fun celebration to kick it all off. 

Provide clients with the best entertainment on Sydney Harbour 

When entertaining clients, you can benefit both your business and theirs.  If you’re looking to create good first impressions or foster stronger connections with existing relationships, what better way to do this than to book a corporate boat hire on Sydney Harbour for an iconic experience? We offer high-quality entertainment, personalised catering and drink options, and the best hospitality services on the Harbour. What better way to amaze clients than with a view of Sydney’s most well-known landmarks, especially for out-of-town clients.  With the right corporate boat package, you can transform any event from a stuffy gathering to a fun and exciting adventure for your business. Book your corporate yacht charter in Sydney at Luxe Cruising Group to customise your perfect event. Contact us to create the perfect corporate event for you and your business.