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Unique Wedding Experiences: Celebrating Love on a Sydney Boat 

Unique Wedding Experiences: Celebrate Love with a Cruise Wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable events that can happen in our lives. They represent the union of two hearts and families and are grand celebrations of love as two people begin the next step of their journey together. That’s why most people pull out all the stops for weddings to ensure the celebration is an extraordinary, unforgettable affair. Even with simpler weddings, they’re organised in a way that still highlights the importance of the occasion, showing that it’s something much more special and sentimental.  

If you want to add that extra sparkle to your wedding celebration, why not try a cruise wedding with Luxe Cruising Group? Celebrate on a wedding boat charter as all of Sydney Harbour bears witness to your love and union. Our boat wedding packages offer a variety of options for your cruise wedding. 

Choose from various luxury wedding boat charters

Luxe Cruising Group offers a wide range of wedding boat hires in Sydney. Whether you want a more intimate wedding with your closest family and friends or a lavish party with everyone you know, browse our cruise wedding packages and pick the right boat hire for your wedding ceremony and reception. Each vessel is also filled to the brim with world-class amenities, so any cruise you choose will deliver a luxury experience like no other. 

Get the party started with live entertainment

Part of booking us as your wedding venue boat hire is that we can provide the best live entertainment for your big day. From local artists to international talent, we have connections with all kinds of musicians that fit your theme and preference, making it easy for you to choose which acts you want. With the best performers and DJs available, we’ll ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time dancing the night away on our wedding boat charter. 

Enjoy customised food and drink menus

Your wedding is all about you, so our flexible food and drink menu can be tailor-fit to your preferences. We can take into account your wedding theme, your favourite dishes and your guests’ dietary requirements to craft the perfect food and drink selection for your big day. Our menu creation process is collaborative; we listen to what you want and bring your menu of choice to life with our team of top executive chefs. 

Experience high-quality hospitality services 

We know just how important and special weddings are. Our team ensures your celebration and reception go off without a hitch. You and your guests can relax and enjoy the wedding bash while our team handles everything from start to finish. Rest assured that with our team of hospitality professionals, your wedding will be a day to remember and cherish forever.  Start your married life with a bang with our cruise wedding packagesContact us  at Luxe Cruising Group to inquire about our boat wedding costs so you can start planning the wedding of your dreams.